May 11 WEASO Executive Board Summary


  • We’ve received a report on the overtime grievance. The grievance committee will decide soon how to handle.
  • There was discussion around the recommendations from the Diversity Committee. We will bring the discussion to the next meeting with WEA managers regarding training opportunities.
  • WEA has drafted an agreement to settle non compliance issues with Yakima Education Association. One item of concern involves a specific number of hours per month that staff will be required to provide to YEA. WEASO knows this is highly problematic because our work cannot be broken down to a formula. One size does not fit all. As we all know, some months require more attention and time than others. WEASO bargaining may need to address parts of the agreement that affect compliance with the WEASO contract. WEA MidState’s union value-driven Executive Board unanimously rejected YEA’s attempt to bully settlement out of the WEA Board.
  • WEA Executive Director Armand Tiberio and WEASO Bargaining Chair Mike Horner had some informal conversations around how negotiations could proceed. Our WEASO bargaining will assess the latest priorities survey next week in preparation for our first formal session June 3. WEASO remains committed to addressing our leader-driven/member-driving priorities based on the union values represented by our members.