WEA RA = Shared Union Values

Last month’s 2015 WEA Representative Assembly was an opportunity for WEASO members to share our commitment to union values with our brothers and sister union members of WEA. WEASO members had a strong representation at the RA — in the planning and logistics managed by our fabulous Associate staff, Communications staff and WEA HQ and field staff who attended to support the actions and priorities of WEA members.

The Rep Assembly offered a venue for WEASO and WEA members to connect and build stronger relationships, connecting in the general hall, over meals and side by side on the Capitol steps. WEASO members distributed a very positive flier that outlined our shared union values and was well-received by governance, management and our own members.

To quote our message at RA:

“As UNIONISTS, WEA and WEASO are committed to the same CAUSE — promoting and protecting the rights and benefits of ALL workers.”