Bargaining Update – June 26, 2015

Today, following our initial attempt to move this year’s bargain forward, we met with the WEA bargaining team for a second time and presented a list of issues and positions to management that you, the WEASO members, have tasked us to address.

WEASO outlined a number of issues and proposals designed to protect and maintain our members’ top priorities—while not an exhaustive list of what was discussed, we had conversations around protecting our pension, healthcare, other economic issues and various areas of interest for all levels of staff—job classification issues, workload management, recall and layoff protections, and more.

We attempted to create solutions to problems that you have identified, and to address the concerns that you have indicated to us as important and relevant to your needs.
We discussed these issues with management; their team asked questions and sought examples of various situations behind our desired fixes, and we feel that the dialogue was promising. We were able to share stories and speak to the reasons behind the concerns of our members.

It appeared that they were seeking to honestly understand the concerns of our members. That being said, we all are aware that actions speak louder than words; we are hopeful that the WEA response is in line with the appearance of seeking to understand our interests in today’s meeting. Time will tell. We will continue to do our best to represent you at the table in any circumstance or scenario.

The WEA team requested time to give additional thought to the various proposals and issues we presented, and indicated that they would be prepared to speak to them when we reconvene on Friday, July 10. Keep your eyes on your home inbox for an update following that meeting, and please continue to work to have a positive, productive dialogue with any governance or management you may encounter.

Additional bargaining dates scheduled so far are: July 10, July 22-23, and August 4-7. If necessary, more dates will be scheduled.

Your WEASO Bargaining Team